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Robert Stuursma

My name is Robert Stuursma. I'm a designer, entrepreneur and engineer and I would like you to get to know me.

I’m analytical, creative and persistent. I have learned to accept the way things are but never stop thinking about the way things can be. When faced with a challenge my mind won’t stop working till I have found the solution. If there’s a deadline I will work day and night. I will make your problem my problem. I will offer new perspectives I am entrepreneurial and I dare take on responsibility. I’m the guy that would take the penalty in a tied match, if I would play soccer. But I don’t, I play golf.

I’m social, outgoing and have a great sense of humor, but I’m dead serious when it comes to achieving goals. I dislike mediocracy and set out for excellence. I am however much more than that as I would love to explain in person.

After having run my own company the last couple of years I'm looking for a new challenge in my life. Something meaningful and exciting. A place where I can put my skills and my creativity to work


A short reflection on my skill set.


No matter what project your working on a detailed understanding of the problem / opportunity domain is imperative. For me analysis is isolating those truly unique and meaningful insights that fuel change for the better whether the goal is to create, optimise, innovate or simply gain a better understanding. This is my strong suit.

Customer journey mapping, Context mapping, Cultural probes, Product matrices, Small data

Interaction design

Doing your taxes should be as simple as possible while in puzzles and games complexity can add value to the experience. Nowadays interaction design requires a holistic approach more than ever. I always try to make my designs synergise with the given context by combining my knowledge in various fields such as human psychology and technology.

Gamification, Wireframing, Usecases, Design interventions, Metaphors, Prototyping, Testing


The ability to come up with the right idea can make or break a project. I combine creativity with presistence. Whenever I'm confronted with a design challenge I look at the world throught the lens of that challenge. This is an unconscious process for me and at some point it just clicks.

Brainstormning, Sketching, Roleplay, Low Fi Prototyping, Workshops


Programming is more than just a skill that helps me realise a vision, it's a vision in itself. A vision of structure, a vision of unambiguous clarity, a vision that grounds me and forces me to think about the practical matters surrounding my designs. I have also found that in project management situations it is a real benefit that you can talk to programmers in their own language.

Agile, Software engineering, UML, Object oriented design, Java, C#, SQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS


As a designer and entrepreneur a solid understanding of legal matters surrounding your day to day business is a huge advantage. Over the past years I have become adept in contract law and intellectual property law. This allows me to formulate (negotiation) strategies that contribute to clearly defined and mutually beneficial partnerships while at the same time avoiding possible pitfalls.

Civil law, Contract law, Intellectual property law, Negotiation


In trying to shape the world of tomorrow, communication is key. Whether in front of a crowd or in a boardroom I feel right at home inspiring confidence in my vision. The way I look at it it is never "just a meeting" or "just a presentation". Carefully constructing the content and the emotion of your message creates opportunities by making the listener want to become part of the story.

Public speaking, Pitching, Presentations, Powerpoint, Correspondence

Digital Tools


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